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Peter Daniel Frielinghaus

        Daniel Frielinghaus was born in Lennep, Rheinland on March 10, 1823. He was the second child of eleven born to Peter Daniel Frielinghaus and Anna Carolina Beckmann.  The year that he emigrated is unknown but was probably around late 1853 or early 1854. That would mean that he spent the first 30 years of his life in Rheinland. Everything about his time in there is unknown. He could have attended school, been in the army, married, etc. The first official document that has been found showing his existence is his Marriage Listing. On July 5, 1854, he married Elizabeth Decker.  The ceremony was performed by Reverend F. A. Lehlbach of the First German Reformed Dutch Church at 48 Mulberry Street, Newark, New Jersey. Elizabeth Decker was born about 1830 in Alsace-Lorraine. On October 9, 1854 in Newark, New Jersey, Daniel signed his Declaration of Intent to become a United States citizen. This document states Prussia as his homeland. The Index to Declarations of Intention also lists his brother, Robert Frielinghaus, as declaring on the same day. Robert Frielinghaus came to the United States from Prussia via Antwerp on August 17, 1854 aboard the Susan Hinks. The ships manifest lists Robert as a 20 year old brewer. This is the only reference to Robert that has been found. 

        The City Directory of Newark lists Daniel Frielinghaus as residing at 56 Richmond Street from 1855 though 1858. According to the 1858/59 City Directories of Newark he resided at 152 Broom Street. He was listed as a laborer for all the years but 1859 when he was listed as a “japanner”. Japanning is a ancient Chinese process of lacquering that was picked up by the Japanese and then the Germans. The process became an ornamental black lacquer on objects with gold leaf designs on it. The Germans often signed it Japan.

        Daniel Frielinghaus was Naturalized on November 5, 1859. The federal census of 1860 shows Daniel, Elizabeth and Mary Frielinghaus living in the Fourth Ward of Newark. Mary Frielinghaus was revealed in Daniel’s will to be adopted. The New Jersey 1860 Business Directory lists Daniel as co-owning the Rumpf & Frielinghaus Brewery which was located at 28/30 S. Canal Street, Newark, New Jersey. He was rumored to have as his friends some of the Ballantine family as well as other brewery families. On December 21, 1863 his only child was born, August Daniel Frielinghaus. The 1865/66 City Directory of Newark no longer shows the brewery. The 1867 through 1869 City Directories of Newark show Daniel in partnership with F. A. Traudt in another brewery (Traudt & Frielinghaus Brewing Company) on the corner of Springfield Ave. and Magnolia Street. On February 23, 1869 in Orange, New Jersey, Elizabeth died of Dropsy. Her place of burial is unknown.

        On November 18, 1869 Daniel married Anna Marie Theurer. The marriage listing for this wedding lists the participants as Peter D. Frielinghaus and Anna M. Theurer. This was the first time the name Peter has ever appeared. Why these names were used is unknown. The federal census of 1870 lists the family as Daniel, wife Mary and son August (age verification). Why Mary (daughter) was not mentioned is unknown. The Orange Township City Directories for 1872 and 1873 show Daniel living at and running a brewery at the Corner of White & Jefferson Streets in Orange.  On August 23, 1873 in Newark, New Jersey, Daniel died leaving August, just 10 years old with his step-mother Mary. Funeral arraignments were handled by Hangs Funeral Home in Orange, New Jersey. Daniel is buried in Fairmount Cemetery in the plot purchased by his second wife Anna MarieDaniel’s will lists brewery items as well as insurance policies. It also mentions his adopted daughter Mary, verifying that she was alive at the time. As tragedies go August’s step-mother, Mary died in 1875. This left August and Mary alone at the ages of 12 and 19 respectively. According to Daniel Frielinghaus’ will, Daniel Lauck of Newark was appointed Daniel’s guardian. What happened next is unclear. Nothing on Mary’s life has been found. August, on the other hand, was sent to Fuerst Institute in College Point, Queens County, Long Island and then to college in Alsace-Lorraine. Family legend says that when he returned all his inherited money was gone and he was given a suitcase full of receipts. Who spent the money and who gave him the suitcase is unknown.

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