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William Nichols
~1738 - June 1826

        William Nichols was born about 1738 and died in June 1826.  He married Barbara Unknown about 1790.  He inherited the lower section of his father's farm where he lived until his death.  William died without a will.  Administrative papers found in Book 14, Chambersburg Court House, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania state "William Nichols....died intestate, leaving a tract of land in said townsip bounded by lands of Philip Reed, of Hoover's heirs, lands of Steinman Mock and others, containing two hundred and seven acres, twenty three perches and allowances, leaving a widow and nine children of whom are the parties hereto, and whereas said tract of land was by proceedings duly conducted in the Orphans Court of said county, regularly appraised by inquest and valued at the sum of seven thousand, eight hundred and twenty eight dollars and twenty six cents."  The portion of the land owned by Susan, Sarah, Margaret and Mathais, was then sold to John Singer for the sum of $2036.36 on September 24, 1828.  The next day John Nichols' portion was sold to John Singer for $509.00.  William also owned land in Washington County, Maryland.  The land records of Washington County, Maryland, Book LL, page 899-900, show the sale of this property on August 24, 1830 from Barbara Nichols (William's wife) to Mathais Nichols and Lewis Rummel.  There were three tracts known as RIVER OF ROCKS, ANTIETAM BOTTOM, and MARCH WEATHER.

From "American Revolutionary Soldiers of Franklin County, Pennsylvania"

        William Nicholas (Nickles) was a private under Capt. Daniel Clapsaddle in 1780-81.  He died intestate leaving a widow and issue 9.  A daughter sidney married James Monahan.  Orphan's Court records, Chambersburg give in Vol. C. pp. 94, 99, 101, Oct, 1826, William Nichols, late of the State of Maryland, Decd., died intestate in June last; widow Barbara and issue 9: Susanna married Mase Duloser; Sarah married Collosin Birley, Matthias Nickoles; Margaret married Conrad Humberg; John Nicholes; Henry Nicholes; Elizabeth Nicholes; Sidney and Hetty (minors); 227 acres land in Washington Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.



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