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~1720 - 1777

        Edward Nichols was born around 1720 and died in 1777 in Washington Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  A land warrant (No. 1366) for "A tract of land in Washington Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, containing 355 acres and allowance surveyed - February 7, 1749" was found in the LAND DOCKET book in the Chambersburg Court House, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  In addition to this land, Edward owned land in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Lankester (sp) County Pennsylvania, and land that borders the Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers in Perry County, Pennsylvania.  These lands were given to his sons, John & William, upon Edward death.  


From the book "Thomas Cresap - Maryland Frontiersman"

        Also in that year (1742) the "monster" (Thomas Cresap) became a party to a deal which nearly resulted in his being convicted a horse thief.  According to the court files, one Redmond Follen Rangers picked up a stray mare which belonged to a Pennsylvanian, Edward Nicholls, and sold the animal to Cresap.  The latter rebranded the horse with his own mark.  Subsequently Cresap was brought to court.  The case was quashed, but the defendant, now out for revenge, a few days later again appeared in a case wherein the grand jury laid before the court a charge that he and one of his associates, John Jones had assaulted the said Nicholls in Pennsylvania.  Once more he was acquitted, seemingly because the court "understood the situation" and accepted the Marylander's denial.  Shortly thereafter he was back in court upon a charge of breach of peace.  This time he was accused of having assaulted Nicholls in Pennsylvania and of having then forced the latter to accompany him to Old Town where he was kept a prisoner for a day and a night.  For this offense the accused was fined one shilling.


Edward Nichols' Last Will and Testament

Immigration Clues



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