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        After many months (I know it's not that long a time) of research I have come up with some
Frielinghuas mysteries. Please read them and if you have any advice I would be happy to hear from you.

* Where was Daniel Frielinghaus' birth village?
* Who were Daniel Frielinghaus' parents?
* Was Daniel married in Germany?
* Did Daniel serve in the Prussian Military?
* What was Daniel's date of emmigration?
* What ship did Daniel arrive on?
* Where was Elizabeth Decker's birth village?
* Who were Elizabeth Decker's parents?
* What was Elizabeth's date of emmigration?
* What ship did Elizabeth arrive on?
* Was Elizabeth Decker married before Daniel?
* Where is Elizabeth Decker burried?
* Who was Mary Frielinghaus (adopted daughter)?
* What happened to Mary Frielinghaus?
* Who was Robert Frielinghaus?
* Was Robert Frielinghaus related to Daniel Frielinghaus?



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