Woodland Abbreviations


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RN Our internal Record Locator Number
Date Date of Interment – important to note that it is not the Date of Death
Last Last Name

If a name is in parentheses, it is the maiden name of the person

First First or Given Name

If a name is in parentheses, it is the maiden name of the person

If a name is in brackets, it is the marriage name of the person

* Means that the name could not be clearly read in the ledger
M Whether in our trips to the cemetery we have noted that this particular gravesite has a marker (tombstone). PLEASE note that if it is NOT marked with an M, it does not mean there isn’t one.
C "Colored". As noted in the ledgers.
NITL Not In This Lot. This person was originally buried here, but removed to another section in this cemetery, or to another cemetery.
Lot This is a designation of where in the cemetery the person is. If the word "Lot" is written in, the person is in a family plot and we probably have a burial card.
No. Grave number
R/B Row or Block No.
G Within a family lot, the grave number
P Within a family lot, the position within the lot – Rear, Center, Front
Undertaker Undertaker’s name
Ft. Length of grave. 1-5’ is generally a child, 6-7’ generally an adult.
Notes Anything in quotation marks was written and transcribed from the ledger.

Abbreviations used in the field:
PFM: Per Family Member
OBIT: Obituary, m/o = mother of, f/o father of, s/o son of, etc.
TS: Tombstone
NB: No Box
RB: Rough Box
Cont.: Contagious
Anything written in all capital letters are internal notes for some action to be taken to confirm some part of the record, such as CK OBIT SP LN (Check Obituary to check the spelling of the last name), or CK IC (Check Index Card at the NJHS)




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